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Hand Dyed Silk Ribbons

This gorgeous collection of silk ribbons are all hand dyed and prepared here in the studio. The ingredients are almost all foraged by hand locally in Kerry and Nina uses everything from Alder nuts, madder root, blackberries, elderberries, woad, pomegranate, red cabbage and turmeric for all her beautiful colours.

These naturally lightweight silks are perfect for wedding bouquets, invitation suite bands, occasion cakes and for wrapping special gifts. They are generally sold per meter and come in 2 – 6 cm widths (1/2 – 2 inches). All the ribbons are sustainably sourced and come in an endless array of shades. And Nina is always open to new requests for a colour!

Because all the ribbons are dyed in small batches in the studio, it is best to order your ribbons at least 4 weeks in advance and you can contact Nina directly to discuss your requirements. For all florists we provide a good restock arrangement so that any favourite colours can be delivered quickly.